• Happy Anni. to Us -- the ILYP is 3 years old!

      About 1100 days ago, Nicolo Poko & Adam Hayes of

      Nightingale Projects generously and patiently taught me

      to screenprint so I could actualize a daydream of 

      everyone in the streets wearing shirts with the words

      "I love you" across the chest.  

    That night, our neighbors happened to be having a party so we all went.  Nicole said, "Get your shirts!"  Before we knew it, the ILYP Launch Party was in full effect.


    Thank you for making the last 3 years more rewarding than we ever could have imagined!  To celebrate our anniversary month, get free shipping on your order of 2 or more shirts (just place your order and the shipping will be promptly refunded).  Upload a picture of you and company in your ILY shirts on our Facebook page and you could become the featured profile picture of the week.

    Thank you for sharing the love!

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