What's the ILYP?

One Sunday afternoon in 2009 I was sitting on the couch daydreaming about my commute from Newark, NJ to NYC (which is pretty dismal) and getting bummed out about impending Monday.  Then I imagined everyone with "I love you" across the chest and things got a lot nicer.  And I thought, "What if this was the message we led with?  What if it was a fact?"  It seemed so possible . . . . maybe even profound.

Then I thought, "I can totally do this."  

So many things to think about -- How to keep it affordable?  How to avoid exploitation of labor practices and goods?  How to get the word out?  How to get the words on the shirt (the extent of my printing skills were iron on transfers)??  I decided to purchase shirts from charity driven thrift stores which covers a lot of ground within the project's mission: it keeps things affordable, allows the shirts to be worn in just right (like your go-to, favorite tee), I get to do one of my favorite pasttimes - thrifting, and the money associated with the project stays within charity.  My downstairs neighbors happen to be screenprinters (Nightingale Projects) and they generously donated their time to help make the I Love You Project a real thing.  Thank you, Ryan Maloney who was the first person to ever purchase a shirt (to wear while Skyping with his girlfriend on Valentine's Day) and signed his dollar bill which I will keep forever. 

We had a very informal "launch party", which basically means I printed a slew of shirts, our neighbors were having a party and a friend said, "Bring your shirts over!"  Before we knew it, it was a party of people in ILY tees.  Now people in 16 countries walk the streets with "I love you" across their chest.  It's really happening.    


Who am I?  My name is Alyson Schacherer.  I do a lot of things that revolve around art and finance, yoga, my dog, and travel.  This project means so much to me because it's the first time I've taken a seed of an idea to full on actualization.  A project I feel so completely on board with in every way.  Thank you for helping that happen.  I can't tell you how amazing it is to open my email and receive a photo from someone in their ILY shirt.  I had no idea how good this project would make me feel.

Who are you?  I'd love to know.  Click contact and tell me about yourself and your experiences in your ILY shirt (and send photos)!